I'm Sean. I was born in 1968 and raised in the town of Cleator Moor, in North West England. Coincidentally, 1968 was also the Chinese year of the monkey...

I'm the eldest of three children; born to Tom and Margaret Duffy. The paternal side of my family hail from Avoca, County Wicklow, Ireland. The maternal side, from Cornwall, UK. Delving deeper reveals links to Northern England, Scotland, and The Isle of Man.

In my first year, I lived in a house on Clayton Avenue, and then at the age of two, moved to a new-build house at the Mill Hill estate, to the north of the town. In 1970, and 1972, I was joined by my brother and sister.

Julie, Sean & Michael at Wastwater, 1978

Growing up in a rural setting was superb. You name it, and I probably did it. Trees were climbed; Rivers were fished; Football was played; Exploration took place. And yes, I was a wee bugger. 

At age 10, I lied about my age to join the Scouts. Being a member of Cleator Moor 2nd allowed me to explore even further afield, and camp overnight at the likes of Ennerdale in the Western Lake District. In my late teens, I'd go rock climbing in the county, to the likes of Borrowdale. I loved the outdoors, and still do.

School. I hated it. Sure, it gave me an education. But, it just wasn't fun. The only highlight from schooling was learning about local history. Oh, and the 3pm bell.

On leaving school, at age 16, my working life commenced with a two-year chemical-plant apprenticeship at Whitehaven College. Following the training, I began working in the local nuclear industry. I still work at the same place. 

The mid 1980s was when I got to experience the local pubs and clubs, with money in my pocket from attending work. What a fantastic time I had during this period. Exuberance and overindulgence is how I fondly remember it all. 

In 1991, I married and subsequently had two children of my own. During my children's school years, we did the usual - holidaying in the UK, abroad, etc. After leaving school, my two boys completed apprenticeships, to become an Electrician and a Mechanical Fitter. They certainly don't get their brains from me. Lol. I'm ever so proud of them. 

In 2003, my Dad decided to write a book about his home town. He had a huge collection of material on Cleator Moor, so it was utilised in writing the first book about the area in 100 years. I helped Dad put it all together.

It's surprising how much work there is, in publishing a book - from obtaining a barcode, to depositing with the UK national libraries, to finding a wholesaler to supply stores. Thankfully, it was all worth it, and the book was an instant success. 

In 2013, I dabbled in local politics. I joined with a group of people who wanted to have a say in how the leader of our district council was elected. We set about raising a petition with thousands of names and pushed for a referendum. In 2014, the referendum took place, despite much opposition by local leaders and their supporters. The referendum returned a 70% landslide.

I left the political scene a few years later having achieved what I'd set out to do - giving the public a say on who leads. However - the political landscape has changed since then, with the local district councils being abolished by central government (April 2023). 

In 2019, Dad suffered a little with ill-health. He was hospitalised at one point with Pneumonia. Upon his release from hospital, Dad was somewhat depressed. I decided to update his book, and republished it. I also launched a website on the town of Cleator Moor. Dad perked up with renewed enthusiasm. Once again, the book was a success.

Sadly, in August of 2022, and January 2023, both my Mam and Dad passed away. Now, life just doesn't seem the same without my guiding lights. But, like everyone else that has suffered loss, I drive myself forward. I'm due to retire in 2028. Death gives a new perspective on life. I may retire earlier. 


I've always had an interest in photography. This website is an outlet for some of the scenes that I capture. After all, what's the point in taking a photo if nobody can see it? I don't profess to be a good photographer - just one that is keen. Most images on this blog will have been captured on my 200 megapixel Samsung S23 Ultra - the phone is a beast! My proper camera is the Canon 6D mkii. 

I do try to keep fit - I enjoy running, and hiking in the local countryside, but haven't done enough of it lately. I must change this. Retirement would certainly give me the time I need to do what I enjoy. Hmm. 

BTW. Just like your goodself, there are a number of individuals out there with the same name as me. I don't have a community centre named after me, although that would be nice. I'm not a mountain rescue volunteer, actor, senator, or gynaecologist. Nor can I read lips. 

So. Now, you know a little about me.... Tell me about you. Add a comment below - if you'd rather not, scroll on by, and check out the most popular posts on my blog this week.