Sunday: A West Cumbrian Sunrise

For amidst the rolling hills and bleating choruses, there unfolds a sight to behold every Sunday morn - the sunrise. No, not just any sunrise, mind you, but a West Cumbrian sunrise, bursting with enough drama to put Shakespeare to shame.

Now, I wouldn't steer you wrong. Sunrises are grand affairs the world over, gloopy yellows and fiery oranges splashed across the canvas of dawn. But here in West Cumbria, there's a certain je ne sais quoi, a sprinkle of the extraordinary. Perhaps it's the cheeky chaffinches, chirping their dawn chorus like operatic cockneys, or the grumpy gurnards gurning disapprovingly from the Irish Sea. Whatever it is, there's a touch of the absurd, a hint of the hilarious, woven into the very fabric of this daily spectacle.

Picture this: you stumble out of your home, bleary-eyed and clutching a mug of tea so strong it could curdle milk at twenty paces. The air is crisp, the kind that nips at your nose and makes you wonder if you've forgotten your thermal socks (spoiler alert: you have). But then, you look up. And there it is.

The sky, ablaze with colour like a Morris dancer's sock drawer after a particularly vigorous knees-up. Streaks of blueberry blues and buttery yellows. The fells, usually shrouded in a cloak of green, are suddenly awash in an ethereal glow, as if sprinkled with fairy dust by mischievous pixies. Even the sheep, those masters of stoicism, can't help but raise an inquisitive eyebrow (or should that be eyelid?).

And then, the comedy gold truly begins. A gaggle of geese, mistaking the sunrise for a giant satsuma, honk furiously, convinced they've stumbled upon breakfast. A lone sheepdog, ever the overachiever, attempts to herd the aforementioned geese, only to end up in a comical tangle of legs and bemusement. A pensioner walking his poodle (naturally, in West Cumbria) throws his head back and lets out a yodel that would make alpenhorn enthusiasts wince.

It's a beautiful, bizarre ballet, this West Cumbrian sunrise. A reminder that even in the most ordinary of places, magic and laughter can be found, if you just know where to look (and have a healthy dose of eccentricity). So next time you find yourself in these neck of the woods, don't just watch the sunrise. Embrace the absurdity, revel in the silliness, and remember - the world is a funnier place with a West Cumbrian sunrise in your heart.

Sunrise In West Cumbria


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