Hay There: Grazing In Style

This little guy is the epitome of nonchalance. He's just chillin' in the field, with a blade of grass sticking out of his mouth like a toothpick. I don't know what he's thinking, but I'm guessing it's something along the lines of:

Yup, I'm the coolest pony in the field. I'm so cool, I even use toothpicks.

Of course, it's more likely that he's just enjoying a tasty snack and doesn't even realise how amusing he looks. But that's the beauty of animals, they don't have to try to be funny, they just are.

It's the kind of animal you can't help but smile at. It's like a living cartoon, a reminder that sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. So next time you see a pony, take a close look. You might just see the next toothpick-grass trendsetter in the making.



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