After The Rain: Eau de Petrichor

The Great British rain. It's as predictable as a cuppa gone cold. But fear not, fellow soggy souls, for there's a silver lining (or should I say, raindrop) to this grey cloud. I'm talking about that magical moment after the downpour, when the world transforms into a sensory wonderland.

First, hit your nostrils with the glorious aroma of Eau de Petrichor. Forget fancy French perfumes, this earthy, slightly musky scent is nature's own olfactory masterpiece. It's like the earth itself has taken a deep breath and exhaled pure, unadulterated joy. Just don't go sniffing lampposts, please. We've all seen "The Office".

Next, witness the avian apocalypse! Birds, previously hiding like contestants on a reality TV show, erupt from the bushes in a feathered frenzy. Blackbirds squawk their territorial anthems, robins hop like hyperactive raisins, and pigeons strut around like they own the place (which, let's be honest, they probably do). It's a symphony of chirps, tweets, and the occasional disgruntled "coo" from a particularly grumpy pigeon.

Now, feast your eyes on the glistening spectacle. Every blade of grass is adorned with a tiny diamond, each reflecting the newly washed sky. It's like Mother Nature has sprinkled the world with fairy dust, except slightly less sparkly and significantly more likely to get stuck in your shoe.

But the real fun begins when you, dear reader, decide to become one with the post-rain playground. Feel the squelch of mud between your toes (bonus points for impromptu mud-mask application). Splash through puddles like a gleeful toddler, ignoring the disapproving stares of sensible adults. Embrace the dampness, the coolness, the sheer, unadulterated silliness of it all.

Remember, rain isn't just rain, it's an opportunity. An opportunity to reconnect with nature, to unleash your inner child, and to proudly declare, "I may be soaked, but I'm having a whale of a time!" So next time the heavens open, don't cower indoors. Grab your wellies, your sense of adventure, and get out there! Just maybe avoid the lampposts, alright?

Raindrops On Grass


  1. I didn't know that smell, after rain was called that. You learn some new every day!

    1. Today, I discovered fire doesn't actually taste like sunshine. Mind blown!

      Seriously though, JJ, at the rate I'm going, I'm pretty sure I 'unlearn' something new every day 🤔


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