Stats: The Top 10

It's time to crack open the blog stats and see who's been flocking to this neck of the Lake District woods like moths to a particularly dazzling Greggs window. 

And the winner is... well, no surprises here, it's our own United Kingdom! Those 7,440 of you lovely lot make up a huge percentage of my readership. Cumbria, it seems, is your domestic pasture of choice. But why, you ask? Is it the sheep? The questionable weather patterns that make your nan's arthritis sing? The annual World Goggle Wrestling Championships (true story, Google it)?

Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing's for sure, you lot seem to have a soft spot for this damp, sheep-strewn corner of the country. And who am I to judge? We've got Wainwright's finest fells, enough lakes to fill an Olympic-sized paddling pool, and enough country pubs to make your liver sing a mournful dirge. 

So, to my UK readers, a hearty welcome! I hope you're enjoying the virtual Kendal mint cake I've strategically placed around the blog. Just remember, if you see a bloke in a flat cap muttering about Herdwick justice, give him a wide berth. He's probably arguing with a particularly stubborn sheep about who owns the right of way on Scafell Pike. 

Now, onto the rest of the world! America, you're a plucky bunch, clocking in at a respectable 149 views. You chaps seem particularly interested in Beatrix Potter's house (probably hoping to catch Peter Rabbit nicking some Victoria sponges). And let's be honest, who can blame you?

India, you've surprised me! A 105 contingent from the land of spices and Bollywood? I'm picturing sari-clad ladies yodeling at the top of Saddleback, and frankly, I'm here for it. Just make sure you bring the samosas, yeah? We're not averse to a bit of cultural exchange, especially if it involves deep-fried deliciousness.

And to the remaining? Well, bless your adventurous souls! You're like the exotic spices to my blog's bland oatcake. From the penguins of Patagonia to the sunbathers of Spain, you add a sprinkle of paprika to this virtual feast. Just don't ask me to pronounce any of your place names. My tongue gets in enough trouble with "Cumbria" as it is.

So, there you have it, folks! The top ten countries to visit my little slice of Lakeland heaven. Whether you're a local hero or a globe-trotting adventurer, I'm glad you're here. Now, grab a brew, put your feet up (unless you're a sheep, in which case, carry on grazing), and let's lose ourselves in the beauty of Cumbria, one blog post at a time. Just remember, if you see a flock of pigeons wearing tiny raincoats, don't panic. It's just the annual Great Cumbrian Pigeon Regatta. And trust me, you don't want to miss it.

Top 10 Page Views:

  1. United Kingdom - 7.44K
  2. United States - 149
  3. India - 105
  4. Ireland - 77
  5. Netherlands - 65
  6. Singapore - 54
  7. Germany - 28
  8. Canada - 11
  9. France - 10
  10. Norway - 9
Give way to the Sheep on Scafell Pike


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