Namaste: Hello from Cumbria, where sheep outnumber people

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where existential dread meets witty observations and the occasional sheep photobomb. I'm Sean Duffy, and I'm here to share my slightly bewildered take on the world, one cup of tea (or perhaps a pint) at a time.

Born in '68, when men were men and trousers were wide enough to double as tents, I hail from the windswept plains of Cumbria, where sheep outnumber people and rain is practically a sport.

Now, some might say starting a blog at my age is like wearing skinny jeans after forty – questionable, a bit of a squeeze, and bound to raise eyebrows. But here's the thing – I've got stories stockpiled like Kendal mint cake in a granny's handbag, and they're bursting to be shared. From sheep-shearing shenanigans to surviving Lakeland fells in flat caps and sandals, there's enough here to fill a Morris Minor with laughter (and maybe a touch of midge-induced tears).

So, grab a brew, put your feet up, and prepare to be mildly entertained (or thoroughly appalled, depending on your taste in trousers). This blog is an odyssey into the mind of a man who's seen more sheep-dipping than disco, who believes Eccles cakes should be the eighth wonder of the world, and who still thinks waistcoats are cool. Come for the questionable advice, stay for the questionable anecdotes, and maybe, just maybe, you'll learn a thing or two about living life like a true Cumbrian – loud, proud, and always up for a good knees-up.

So, buckle up, me babbies, and prepare for a whirlwind ride through my weird world. It's gonna be a laugh, a guffaw, and a right old kneeslapper, I can tell you that much. Now, where did I put that bottle of dandelion wine...?

See you on the inside!



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