Cleator Moor Sheep: Masters of the Munching Mosh Pit

These are no ordinary sheep, oh no. These are the Masters of the Munching Mosh Pit, the Hay-Demolishing Hooligans, the Circular Chowdown Champions.

Just picture the scene: a gaggle of woolly white (and black and brown) bodies crammed around a giant circular hay feeder, all vying for the next delicious morsel. It's a frenzy of hooves and snouts, a ballet of bleats and baas. 

There's Kevin, the over-enthusiastic one, who always seems to end up with a face full of hay. There's Brenda, the grumpy old matron who guards her patch of hay with the ferocity of a dragon. And then there's Timmy, the little one who always gets trampled underfoot, but somehow emerges with the biggest mouthful of hay of them all.

But amidst the chaos, there's a certain beauty to it all. The way the sheep huddle together for warmth, the way their soft fur blends in with the grass, the way they all seem to be in perfect harmony, munching away in their own little world.


Sheep Eating Hay


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