Market Square

Until the 1870's Cleator Moor didn't have a visible town centre. Back then, the town consisted primarily of rather featureless rows of houses, built for miners.

The beginning of the Market Square was agreed on Monday, 2nd October 1871 by the Local Board. In the early years, the Square was a muddy quagmire.

In 1877/8, a local contractor, Mr Doloughan was set to build the Market Hall and Public Offices: these would be the buildings facing Jacktrees Road. In 1882, the Market Hall was extended. The present Public Library Building was not erected until 1906, on the strength of a Carnegie Grant.

The three sculptures at the rear of the Market Square were created by the late Conrad Atkinson. They are a lasting memorial to the miners that once dug the depths.

Over the next few years, the town centre will be redeveloped, helping to move Cleator Moor into its next chapter. The sculptures will be repositioned during this work.