Hello & Welcome

Hello. Welcome to my blog :) 

A little about me

I'm a northern fella, grounded in the UK's Western Lake District. I love the outdoors, photography, and local history.

I was born 968 years into the second millennium of the anno Domini, which coincidentally was also the Year of the Monkey. I was raised at Cleator Moor (Little Ireland), and have lived in the vicinity all my life. 

The paternal side of my family hail from Avoca, County Wicklow, Ireland. The maternal side, from Cornwall, UK. Delving deeper reveals links to Northern England, Scotland, and The Isle of Man.


The pages of this blog will be filled with an eclectic mix of information. A diary of sorts, recording where I've been in West Cumbria. It'll be interesting to see how it develops over time. Most images will have been captured on my mobile phone as it's easier to carry than my weighty DSLR. 

I do hope you find the pages of the site quick loading - a little wizardry takes place in the background to facilitate this. As a result, the site has a attained a difficult to achieve A-Grade for performance on Gtmetrix

Infinite scrolling is also enabled on the home page. As the site fills with content, you can use the homepage as you would with social media - scroll away, and see if you can reach the bottom.

Anyways. Thanks for dropping by. Do say hello via the comments, and perhaps leave some feedback with what you'd like to see on these pages. 

Photo: Poppy on one of our walks in the local countryside.