Croasdale to Ennerdale

Heading towards Croasdale in West Cumbria, along Cauda Brow, magnificent views of the Ennerdale fells open up. A photo doesn't really do the scene justice. You have to be there to experience the vista.

The incline of Cauda Brow makes it a popular route for local cyclists (so please drive with caution). In my opinion, those finding fun in riding up a 266 metre hill, with 15.5% gradient must be nuts. Lol. 

Croasdale is a hamlet, comprising a farm and a handful of properties, in the parish of Ennerdale and Kinniside.

The Ennerdale valley, around Ennerdale Lake, contains one of the largest forests in Cumbria, and has more than 20 miles of forest road, and many other paths open to the public.

Croasdale vista
Croasdale to Ennerdale


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