A Return To Cycling

Today, I ventured out for bicycle ride for the first time in 20 years on a second-hand mountain bike. It was quite enjoyable. 

Being fairly fit (running an average of 12 miles per week), the route I'd set myself wasn't too daunting at 11 miles. I just hadn't accounted for a 600ft (183m) ascent. It was hard going at times, but I completed the ride within the 90 minutes I'd set myself.

I've learned a couple of things:

1) I need a new bike - the one I have is too small. However, I won't jump in straight away and splash the cash because this could be a short-lived fad of mine. 

2) Riding a bike hurts my arse.

Padded cycle shorts could help, but an aversion to looking ridiculous means that I'll just have to grin and bare it until my backside overcomes the pain - a pain which did cause me to walk the final 500 yards home. 

As I progress, I'll be trying to compliment my running with a ride on recovery days. Doing so, should help improve my cardiovascular fitness.

When I run, I do so naked - which means that I don't take technology (a phone) with me. I prefer the freedom it brings. Cycling however brings some extra risk with riding alongside speeding cars - so I'll be taking along a phone, which should mean I can grab the odd photo of the local landscape.

A shot from Redbeck Road:

View From Redbeck Road, Cleator Moor
View From Redbeck Road


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