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Cogra Moss

Cogra Moss is a wonderful enclosed forest surrounding a reservoir which is now used by the Cockermouth Angling Association. The walk up to the dam is along surfaced tracks. Beyond the dam a number of unsurfaced paths provide the visitor great access around the reservoir in a loop. Cogra Moss is an artificial water retained by a substantial dam across Rakegill Beck, created as a reservoir about 1880, and discontinued as a public water supply in 1975. It has a pleasant setting surrounded on three sides by Forestry Commission planting on Lamplugh Fell and Knock Murton. /> BUY THIS PHOTO Cogra Moss

River Liza

The River Liza flows through the wonderfully remote Ennerdale Valley. The river spawns Trout, Salmon, Char, among others. The name of the Liza derives from old Norse, conferring a meaning of "light (or shining) river". The Liza is one of England's most natural rivers. From its source under the majestic peak of Great Gable the river flows through a glacial landscape past the iconic Blacksail Youth Hostel. Constantly eroding new routes it flows through the heart of the big forest before calmly entering Ennerdale Water. The river is subject to the Wild Ennerdale Project which aims to introduce more wildlife to the Ennerdale Valley. The Wild Ennerdale Project uses a policy similar to managed retreat which means the river is subject to no human interference or maintenance such as dredging, straightening or even flood defences. /> BUY THIS PHOTO River Liza, Ennerdale

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