Clints Quarry Nature Reserve

Clints Quarry is a former Carboniferous limestone quarry near Woodend in West Cumbria.

It's a fascinating place not only for wildlife, but also for geology and industrial archaeology. In the 1600's the limestone rock was used for building and agriculture, and more recently in the local steel-making industry, until quarrying finally ceased in 1930.

In 1984, Clints Quarry nature reserve was purchased from British Steel and Lord Egremont.

Damp conditions between the spoil heaps are ideal places to find northern marsh and common spotted orchid. Explore the drier slopes of the spoil heaps to find wild strawberry, ox-eye daisy, centaury, mouse-eared hawkweed, bird’s-foot trefoil and knapweed. You can find bee and pyramidal orchids here too.

This sheltered quarry provides with its profusion of flowers and grasses is an ideal habitat for butterflies. Throughout the summer on sunny days you can find common blue butterflies, orange tip, gatekeeper, ringlet, and meadow brown butterflies.

Clints Quarry, Woodend
Clints Quarry


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