I'm a northern fella, grounded in the UK's Lake District. I was born 968 years into the second millennium of the anno Domini, which coincidentally was also the Year of the Monkey.

I live between the sea, mountains and lakes of Cumbria. I've always lived here and couldn't contemplate being anywhere else. It's a truly gorgeous part of the world.

I confess to being a geek who loves photography, local history and the outdoors (hiking, running, cycling). I've also previously dabbled in local politics, helping bring about a huge overhaul to the Copeland governance system.

I walked away from politics, tired of constant threats of violence, and a nauseating comradeship between a group of pickle brained clowns who probably share the same mother.

Anyways... Lol..

The url of my blog is indeed my name. This is an online diary of sorts. The domain was chosen so that I can personalise my email. Vain, I know. 

Random shite, but fast and green! 

I've opted for a basic design for this blog, and threw in some magic to make it blazingly fast. The site is hosted by Google, and is powered by renewable sources. 

In the main, I'll be posting photos of the local area, but random shite will also be thrown in from time to time - an eclectic mix drawn from my mind. It will undoubtedly be a mess!

Anyways. Enjoy your visit, and please do call back soon...


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