I'm a northern fella, grounded in the UK's Lake District. I was born 968 years into the second millennium of the anno Domini, which coincidentally was also the Year of the Monkey.

I live between the sea, mountains and lakes of Cumbria. I've always lived here and couldn't contemplate being anywhere else. It's a truly gorgeous part of the world.

I confess to being a geek who loves photography, local history and the outdoors (hiking, running, cycling). I've also previously dabbled in local politics, helping bring about a huge overhaul to the Copeland governance system.

I walked away from politics, tired of constant threats of violence, and a nauseating comradeship between a group of pickle brained clowns who probably share the same mother.

Anyways... Lol.

Since picking up a 3D comic at early age I've been enthusiastic about stereoscopic imagery, and so, this site will be home to my 3D anaglyph photographs. Red/Cyan glasses are required to view the 3D parallax effect. The camera that I use to capture my 3D photos is the twin lens Fujifilm W3.

Enjoy your visit, please do comment on my photos, and call back soon!

Red/Cyan 3D glasses required:

3D Anaglyph

3D Anaglyph

3D Anaglyph



A Local Walk