Robin Red Breast

This Robin Red Breast was sat on a branch at Longlands Lake this morning, waiting for me to pass by, as a little girl had been scattering bread on the path for all the birds in the trees.

The Robin is the UK's favourite bird, according to the RSPB, and unofficially the national bird of Great Britain. It's certainly one of my favourites, along with the Bullfinch - but they don't sit as quietly!

The Robin is associated with Christmas, taking a starring role on many Christmas cards since the mid-19th century. An old British folk tale seeks to explain the robin's distinctive breast. Legend has it that when Jesus was dying on the cross, the robin, then simply brown in colour, flew to his side and sang into his ear in order to comfort him in his pain. The blood from his wounds stained the robin's breast, and thereafter all robins got the mark of Christ's blood upon them.