Parkside Platelayer Hut

This fabulous little building at Parkside in West Cumbria is a Platelayers Hut. The red brick building has got some historic significance with regards to the advent of rail at Parkside. It was built sometime around 1855. The former railway station at Parkside dealt with Mineral traffic from the quarries and mines such as the Holebeck, Parkside and Crossgill.

A platelayer is a railway employee whose job is to inspect and maintain the permanent way of a railway installation. The term "platelayer" derives from the plates used to build plateways, an early form of railway.

In the heyday of steam railway operation a platelayer might be assigned to each mile or two miles of track, with a platelayers' hut as his shelter and working base. He would regularly patrol his section of track. Platelayers' huts were generally a single room, immediately adjacent to the running lines, equipped with a table, chairs, and a simple heating stove.