Say Hello To Poppy

This is Poppy. She's a wonderful little English Cocker Spaniel, and a true friend. If you are looking for a companion dog, you can't go wrong with a Cocker - they live to please.

Cockers are compassionate, determined, kind, intelligent, athletic, alert and resilient and make great family pets. The breed does not like being alone, and will bond strongly to an individual person in a family, usually the one who feeds it (me).

At the time of writing, Poppy is eleven-years-old and still full of beans. She loves following me out into the countryside. When I pull on my walking boots, she bounds about with the enthusiasm of a puppy. Poppy is from working stock, although I don't work her. Indeed, a loud gun booming across the land is sure to frighten her.

The photo below was taken at Tongue How in West Cumbria.