Longlands Lake

Longlands Lake is located at Cleator. Longlands supports an abundance of wildlife within a variety of habitats, which include: broadleaf woodland, unimproved grassland and aquatic vegetation. The lake is important for its bird population and breeding species include mute swan, coot, moorhen, goosander, tufted duck and mallard.

A circular walk around the lake provides safe and enjoyable access all year round for walkers, wheelchair users and those with pushchairs and young children. The surface material is finely crushed local quarry stone.

Over the next three years, there are to be improvements made to Longlands by the West Cumbria Rivers Trust. You’ll see a lot more work on-the-ground, including creating more ponds and wetlands for wildlife, riverbank stabilisation to prevent erosion and repairs to angling platforms and improved access around the site.

Let's hope one of the improvements to be made is for extra poo bins to be located around the site - because the overwhelming shitty stench from some sections of the circular walk is really disgusting. Some members of the public should hold their heads in shame.