371 miles run in 2020

In February of this year (2020), I had a brain fart, and decided to begin running. No goal was set, apart from the fact that I wanted to run.

As a youngster, I was quite active... a typical kid really - I played football, rode my bike a lot, explored the local area, and got up to loads of mischief. As a teenager, I became lazy, and avoided sport. Perhaps it was undiagnosed asthma (I was diagnosed around age 20) which put me off sport. It was debilitating. 

Anyways, on the 10th February, I installed the fabulous Couch to 5K app on my phone and rigidly followed a training plan. Two months later, I achieved my goal of running 5K (3.1 mile).

Since April, I've been determined to not lose what I've gained. There is no goal, such as running a half marathon, etc - I just want to stay fit. The impact on my overall health has been tremendous.

So, how did I do this year?
For 2020, I've run 371 miles to date. The furthest distance in one outing was 6.2 miles (10K). Over the year, my running also elevated me to 14,082 feet. 

I try to run three days a week; but weather, work and injury sometimes get in the way. 

For someone who was a non-runner, I've been astounded at how I've progressed. I decided in April I didn't want to lose this new found ability of mine, and in 2021, I aim to run much further and improve upon my gains for this year.

Wish me good luck!