Hello And Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my Blog!

I'm Sean. A brief introduction:

I live on the edge of the Lake District National Park in Cumbria UK, and have done so all my life. It's a truly gorgeous part of the world. I was born 968 years into the second millennium of the anno Domini, which coincidentally was also the Year of the Monkey (appropriate, I know).

I'll be using this blog to share my hobby of photography, but other items may be thrown in too. My camera is the Canon 6D Mark ii. Mostly, I use a 50mm lens. As well as my photography, I enjoy walking and running. I also author a local news website as a hobby. 

I've opted for an uncluttered design to deliver this vanity project of mine, which should help when browsing on a mobile device. To assist with speed, there is also a little magic thrown in at the backend, so hopefully what you'll see is a relatively quick website.


Most people love peeking from behind a curtain, and I expect that you're no different - so please have a good old nosey, and if you like what you see, share away - or add a comment if you feel bold enough. I'm sure we'll get along just fine :) 

OK then. Let's do this... Happy browsing!